Dental Emergency

Broken or Fractured Tooth

- Try to clean the soil, blood and other debris from the injured area with a sterile graze or cotton swab and warm water or hydrogen peroxide.

- Apply a cold compress on the cheek next to the injured tooth to reduce swelling.

- Try to gently bite the teeth together. Check for displacement of teeth. If possible, gently move the displaced tooth or teeth into their correct position.

- If the tooth has been pushed up into the socket or gum by the blow, do not attempt to pull it out into position. (It will re-erupt normally on its own.)

- If the broken tooth has a sharp edge, it may be covered with paraffin (wax) to prevent tissue lacerations.

- An aspirin or aspirin substitute* may be given for pain .

- Go to the dentist AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Traumatic Avulsion (loss) of Tooth  PERMANENT TOOTH ONLY

Look in the accident area for the tooth that was knocked out.

- If found, DO NOT attempt to clean the tooth. Washing the tooth off could destroy the connective fibers which help anchor the tooth in the mouth.

- If the tooth has been on the ground, wipe off the tooth - do not wash it. Place the tooth into the socket before a bloodclot forms in the socket. Check on the patient's medical/dental history to see if the tetanus immunization is current. If not current, the patient should be taken to the family physician within 24 hours for a booster injection. Tetanus (lockjaw) can cause serious health problems. If the patient is not cooperative or if you are not comfortable with reinserting the tooth, place the tooth in a cup of milk (the preferred storage medium) or wrap it in wet cloth or gauze.

- Go to the dentist IMMEDIATELY. Many times the tooth can be successfully reimplanted and saved if accomplished within one hour.

- As aspirin or aspirin substitute* may be given for pain.

Jaw Fracture or Dislocation

-If a jaw fracture or dislocation is suspected, immobilize the jaw by any means available. Place a scarf, handkerchief, tie or towel under the chin and tie the ends on top of the person's head.

-Go immediately to an oral surgeon or hospital emergency room. At the hospital the patient should be seen by an oral-maxillofacial, orthopedic or plastic surgeon, if available.


Lacerated Lip or Tongue

-Apply direct pressure to the bleeding area with a sterile 2X2 gauze square for 15-30 minutes.

-If swelling is present, apply a cold compress (lip injury).

-If the bleeding does not stop readily, or the injury is severe, go directly to a hospital emergency room.

-Check for broken/fractured or avulsed teeth.

-Vigorous bleeding may be expected initially.

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