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What types of mouthwash are the best ?

There are many different mouthwash brands and types, including the over the counter mouthwashes and the prescription mouthwashes. The important point to remember is that you do not just want to use a mouthwash that makes your mouth feel clean and fresh, you want to use one that does clean your mouth, along with removing the harmful bacteria that causes mouth odors and tastes.

Rinses are usually classified as being either cosmetic or therapeutic, or a combination of the two. Cosmetic mouth rinses are over the counter products that help remove oral debris before or after brushing, temporarily suppress bad breath, diminish bacteria in the mouth and refresh the mouth with a pleasant taste. Therapeutic rinses have the benefits of the cosmetic rinses, but also contain an added active ingredient that helps protect against some oral diseases. Therapeutic rinses are regulated by the FDA and approved by the American Dental Association (ADA).

Rinses can be categorized into:

1. Antiplaque/Antigingivitis Rinses

  • Listerine

  • Chloraseptic

  • Peridex - prescription rinse

  • Retardex - prescription rinse

    2. Anticavity Rinses

    • Act Fluoride

    • Fluorigard

    3. Cosmetic Breath Rinses

    • Cepacol

    • Scope

    • Signal

    • Lavoris

Should I use a mouthwash or rinse ?

This depends on your needs. Mouth rinses will freshen the breath temporarily, but most will not help prevent tooth decay or gum disease. So you must be always careful to brush and floss at least twice daily. Thus rinses are not considered substitutes for regular dental examinations and proper home care, but can be used as an extra benefit to help with your oral care.

Which should I use ?

That depends on what you like. The mouthwash , over the counter, that I believe works the best is Listerine. Cepacol and Scope are also good products. But don't forget to keep brushing and flossing regularly. We also have Breath Rx products that employ a total system to help fight bad breath and taste odors

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