Sensitive Teeth

Does ice cream make you scream, hot tea make you tremble, then you may have "dentinal hypersensitivity"

What is dentin hypersensitivity ?

It's that sharp, sudden pain you get when you bite into something cold or sweet. Hot foods and drinks may also cause pain, but mostly it is the cold stuff. Almost 1 in 7 individuals have this condition.

What causes dentin hypersensitivity ?

When tooth enamel wears away or is removed from the tooth surface, the inner part of the tooth, called dentin, is exposed. This can occur from using hard textured tooth brushes, sudden tooth trauma, poor occlusion, or decay causing bacteria. When this dentin is exposed, the small nerve endings, called tubules, are exposed to the oral environment. When fluid comes in contact with these little tubules, it causes pressure on the nerve endings eliciting a pain response. This is the sudden, sharp pain you notice. After the stimulus is removed, the pain subsides.

What can be done to eliminate this hypersensitivity ?

There are many over the counter products, such as sensitive toothpaste and rinses, that may help. Most of these are very effective if used correctly over a period of a month or two, and then used routinely every now and then after that. We also have products that we use in our office which are strictly for this condition. They are more potent and normally provide instant relief. We will be more than happy to discuss with you all of the options to treat this condition.

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